Rhino Ratsnake

Rhynchophis boulengeri

The Rhino ratsnake is a medium-sized ratsnake that stays around 100-120 cm and it origins from southeast asia. When these snakes hatch out they have a solid grey colour with small brown markings. As they grow they slowly start to change colour and as adults they have a beautiful solid green colour. An uncommon feature is the pointed snout, the purpose of this feauture is yet to be decided. As many other southasian species that thrive under cooler conditions the babies often not start to feed but after their first brumation.

I have kept this species since the beginning of 2005. I have just "restarted" my breedinggroup, so at the moment I just keep two females from '11. I will soon search for an unrelated male for them. My females are from the locality of "Tam Dao".

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